Kia Ora, hello and welcome!
I'm Chris Armstrong the new Community Coordinator here at the Pioneer Hall.

Wow! What an amazing resource to be managing!
It gives me great pride to have been given the job, and I'm excited at the challenges and opportunities this new role will present for me.

Though I am relatively new to Port Chalmers , it's easy for me to see what an asset to the community the hall is already, and I hope to build on the great work already done by Fran and the PORT board.

The hall is already host to a range of community groups, who call the Pioneer Hall home.

Calling all home gardeners!

I've begun what I hope will grow to be a community garden space at the hall. Making use of the planter boxes at the hall to create a community garden of yummy herbs and healthy vegetables for all to share in.

I've begun by planting lettuce and rocket that I've been growing at home. I am also trying to find other sources of yummy healthy herbs and vegetables to add to the garden.

If you have any seedlings or cuttings that you would like to contribute, that would be great, and please contact me so I can arrange to pick up any thing you would care to contribute. Email me or call/ text +64226051622
Kia ora and welcome to our first blog update!
My name's Lani and I've been working at the Pioneer Hall for the last couple of months. My job has been to do some of the background stuff, like policy & procedure, maintenance and funding applications, as well as letting people know about the hall, running some events and showing free film screenings each week.
The hall is a really beautiful space. The polished wooden floors, neatly painted walls and soon-to-be-revitalised gardens have all been a labour of love, created with hundreds of volunteer hours. 
I have really enjoyed hearing the stories about the hall from older Port Chalmers residents - people have met their husbands there, had their first dance, or took their baby to their first Plunket Nurse. It's a part of our community and it's rich with history.
I hope that over the next few months and years you have an opportunity to use it !

I'm Francisca Griffin, I am the Chairperson of the Pioneer Opportunities & Resources Trust (PORT) that looks after & administers the Hall.
Julie McLeod approached me in 2006 asking if I was keen to help get the Pioneer Hall returned to the community.
As though I had spare time! I was already very involved with The Patch - Port Chalmers Community Garden.
It seemed a very good idea though, so I, with Dougal Stevenson, Jono Holloway, Amira Dabaliz, Stu Guthrie and Julie began the process.......a year later we were handed the keys!
Exciting stuff! The hall was in a sorry state, so we began the work, and  with a wonderful & very large pool of volunteers we have brought the Hall back to life.....
There is still work to be done, always is , isn't there?
We're up for it!